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Back to School

Substances at a Glance – a printable resource series for Back to School

The kids are back at school, and these weeks can be a chaotic and stressful time for everyone – parents, teachers…AND children.

We know how challenging these weeks can be, but having safety conversations about the drugs that your kids may encounter are really important, even when there are a million and one other things going on. That’s why we’ve made things a bit easier for you.

We’ve created four easy to read, informational resource sheets about the substances that kids are probably hearing about the most, so you can talk about them with your kids.

Substances at a Glance fact sheets – Alcohol, Cannabis, Vaping, and Opioids

The Substances at a Glance fact sheets offer neutral and non-judgemental facts about the risks of using the common substances that kids know about – alcohol, cannabis vaping and opioids – in an easy to understand format that you can download, print and share with your children to enable you to read and talk about them together.

Drug prevention begins with open communication

Talking about drugs is not easy for some parents, but it is so important to inform kids about the potential harms of substance use, to help them make healthy choices for their well being.

We’re here to support those family conversations.

You can access the complete Substances at a Glance series on our Resources for Parents page.

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