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Who we are – What we do – Why we do it

We've got a new name and a new look. The Partnership for a Drug Free Canada is now Drug Free Kids Canada - where families come for help.  

Drug Free Kids Canada wants to create a movement to inspire and support parents to prevent drug abuse by youth.

Our Vision:

To ensure that all young people will be able to live their lives free of drug or alcohol abuse.

Who we are:

Drug Free Kids Canada is a Canadian registered charity made up of volunteer private-sector partners from major media, advertising, production, research and corporate industries.

What we do:

  • We maintain a comprehensive website designed for parents to learn about drugs, teen drug abuse and get helpful parenting tips.
  • We educate Canadian parents and grandparents on the devastating effects of illicit drug use by kids.
  • We provide parents with the tools they need to talk to their kids
  • We do this by working with advertising agencies and media partners to create drug education/prevention messages that run on TV, radio, print and digital media across Canada.

Why we do it:

  • Drug abuse among kids is a major area of concern.
  • Canada has the highest cannabis consumption rate out of 40 countries measured.
  • Canada along with the U.S. are the biggest consumers of prescription drugs (painkillers in particular).
  • 300,000 Canadian teens have misused prescription drugs.
  • One in 10 teenagers admit to having taken a legal prescription drug in the past year to get high.
  • 59% of those kids say they stole them from home.
  • More young drivers aged 15 - 24 admitted to driving after taking marijuana than driving after drinking.
  • Drivers aged between 16-24 account for the most driver fatalities involving drugs or alcohol.
  • 40% of young people said they were driven in a car by someone who had just taken drugs.
  • The cost of drug abuse to society is in the billions.
  • Parents are the first line of defence in a drug prevention strategy.
  • Studies show that a parent may be able to reduce their child’s risk of drug use by up to 50%,  just by talking to them.
  • One of the main reasons kids will avoid drugs is to not disappoint their parents.
  • Overcoming the “Not my kid” syndrome is the biggest challenge.
  • Canadians need to learn more about drug abuse and how to prevent it.


Drug Free Kids Canada - where families come for help. You can help too!

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Our NEW Name - Our NEW Campaign!

Teen Takers

"Teen Takers" aims to remind parents that kids often "borrow" things without asking, and that includes prescription drugs. 

We're hoping that the PSA will prompt parents to check their homes for any stray prescription medications that might be “borrowed” all too easily.  

We encourage parents to secure their medications or take them back to the pharmacy for safe disposal!


Previous Awareness Campaigns

(as Partnership for a Drug Free Canada)

It's always Someone's Else's Kid...until it's not.

Our PSA campaign about High Driving, launched in January, 2016.

Driving high results in one third of all road fatalities. 

In Canada, there is still  relatively low awareness of the dangers associated with driving under the influence of drugs.

Research conducted by Drug Free Kids has shown that 78% of parents believe their child would never be in a car driven by someone who was high.  However a recent study from the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health revealed that almost one in four high school seniors admitted to having been a passenger with a high driver behind the wheel. That's a disturbing disconnect.

By highlighting this issue with parents, we're hoping to encourage more family conversation about the topic. We want to engage parents to talk to their kids about the dangers of high driving, and equally importantly, of being a passenger in a car driven by someone who is high.

Our Drugs and Driving page has more information about this serious issue. 

National Drug Take Back Campaign

In 2013, we initiated a drug take back campaign with our partners Shopper's Drug Mart  (Pharmaprix in Quebec) to encourage Canadians to take back their old and unused medications to their pharmacies.

Through the years, this important initiative has been an unprecedented success, sensitizing the public to the importance and ease of returning medications to pharmacies.

In 2017, our fourth annual drug take back campaign returns in the fall,  supported by more pharmacies from across the country; including  Loblaws, Canadian SuperstoreAtlantic Superstore  and Maxi in Québec.

Bringing old medicines back keeps drugs off the streets, away from kids and out of our water supply!

Drug Free Kids Canada - Raising Awareness

Our PSA campaigns are important in raising awareness of the issues surrounding teen drug use and we hope to engage parents to talk to their kids.  For a full list of our television, radio and print ad and campaign materials,  please go to our Archives page.