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Talking Cannabis

Have a talk with your kids about cannabis

Keeping the lines of communication open with kids can make a big difference in preventing harms from cannabis use.

Talking with kids about substance use can be a challenge for some parents, but those conversations matter. Becoming informed about cannabis and creating a safe and receptive environment to begin the conversation with your teen can promote lasting open and positive communication.

Test Run your Cannabis Talk

There’s no one right way to have the cannabis talk. Test run your approach here and prepare for every reaction before you talk with your teen.

Ready to Talk?

Create a safe environment for conversation.
You can have a respectful and open dialogue with your teen that stays balanced and calm.

Be patient, stay positive, and be clear about your boundaries.
These skills can take practice; so if the talk doesn’t go the way you hoped it might, remember that you will have other opportunities to try them.

Want more practical tools and tips for talking to your teen about pot? Download the complete Cannabis Talk Kit.

Cannabis is not the only substance your kids might know about

Learn more about other substances with these resources and keep those conversations going!

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