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Donor initiatives – Supporting Youth and Mental Health

The Slaight Family Foundation commits $26.5M to youth and mental health initiatives

We’re incredibly grateful to be among the recipients of a donation from the Slaight Family Foundation as part of their $26.5 contribution to youth and mental health initiatives in Ontario designed to support and expand services for young people suffering from mental health issues.

This donation will go towards the expansion of DFK’s successful Collaborate, Learn & Innovate for Canadian Communities (CLICC) project into the Eastern Central Ontario regions.

We’re excited to bring our valuable, informative webinar series about youth substance use to parents, teachers, health care workers, and child care workers in Eastern and Central Ontario, and continue to support parents and families in youth drug prevention and early intervention.

Read more about the Slaight Family Foundation $26.5 million contribution in their Press Release here.


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