High driving is an
important issue in Canada.

Talking to your kids about drugs and driving
can make all the difference.

Disappointing their parents is the number one reason teenagers stay away from drugs*. Having a conversation isn’t about accusing or condoning — it’s about awareness of the issue and setting clear expectations.

Impaired is impaired. Before your teen gets behind the wheel or in a car with friends, he or she needs to understand the consequences of drug and alcohol impairment on the road.

Silence can be deadly, so please speak up.

* DFK Survey, October 2014

Why you need to have this talk

  • 32 %

    of teens don’t think
    high driving is as risky
    as drunk driving

    PDFC tracking study 2014

  • 27 %

    of driver fatalities involving
    drugs happen among
    16 – 24 year olds

    Beasley and Beirness 2011

  • 50 %

    of teens with parents who
    discuss drugs are less
    likely to use them

    Partnership for a Drug Free America and MetLife US Parental Attitudinal Tracking Study 2009