Return Your Meds
Your old meds won’t disappear by magic

Prescription Drugs: Smart Moves

Keep them in a safe place
Return them
Do not throw them out

Why does it matter?

Meds can be dangerous

Up to 48% of Canadian households keep potentially harmful drugs, and most do not store them in a safe manner.

Discover the risks

Kids and Prevention

1 out of 10 Canadian teens have taken prescription drugs that don’t belong to them.

Protect your kids

Talk to your teen

To better understand opioid use among youth, we invite you to consult our guide “Let’s Talk Opioids” for parents. Inside you will find all the tools necessary to start the conversation with your teens.

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Our Partners

Drug Free Kids Canada is proud to deliver this Canada-wide initiative in cooperation with our partners and with the financial support of the Health Products Stewardship Association.