• DFK uses a technological twist to start the conversation about high driving 02/10/2017

    Nearly one third ( 32%) of teens feel that driving high is not as risky as drunk driving – and one in four high school students say they’ve been a passenger in a car with a high driving. Our breakthrough new awareness campaign hopes to start the conversation between parents and their kids by using […]

  • Drugged driving by young drivers needs your attention! 06/21/2016

    Our Spring 2016 Newsletter.  Drugged driving by youth.  As parents we sometimes think we’ve got all the bases covered by talking about drugs and driving with your kids. However, 1 in 4 high school seniors have reported to have been a passenger in a car with a driver who’s drug impaired. Be sure to have several conversations with […]

  • 2015 National Medicine Take-Back Campaign Collects Tonnes 03/25/2016
  • (Français) Et vous, l’autorité parentale, ça va? 01/26/2016
  • The disintegration of the parent-child bond 01/22/2016

    Fragility has become a characteristic of children and teenagers to an extent unknown 25 years ago. That’s what I’m seeing in the office today – and what I did not see in the office years ago. But besides my observations and experience as a physician over the past quarter-century, several lines of evidence support my […]

  • Our Fall Newsletter 2015 12/11/2015

    Did you know? #SecureYourMeds, our ongoing PSA campaign, raises awareness of an important issue in Canada…prescription drug abuse by teens.    Learn more >   Are you at risk of becoming an accidental drug dealer?  If you have teens in your home, you might be.   Believe it or not, many young Canadians are now using prescription drugs to get high. The […]

  • The PDFC Parent Project 11/20/2015

    Parents, you DO make a difference! The PDFC Parent Project is an ongoing series of testimonials shared by young people about their recovery from drug abuse and addiction, with the help of their parents and families. We hope these stories will help to start conversations between parents and kids about drug use and inspire youth […]

  • Our Summer Newsletter 2015 08/25/2015

    PDFC’s New Campaign  Our most recent PSA campaign, #SecureYourMeds, raises the public’s awareness of prescription drug misuse by kids and engages parents to take action and keep their medications in the right hands! Did you know?  Your medicine cabinet is so easy for your kids to access, it might as well be out in public. 42% of households contain […]

  • Our Winter Newsletter 03/31/2015

    What’s New on the PDFC Website!  Our latest PSA Campaign engages parents to talk to their kids about the issue of drugs and driving!  Learn more at   Haven’t seen the TV spot? Watch it here: What’s YOUR parenting style? The Silence Can Be Deadly campaign includes a landing page on the PDFC website […]

  • #SilenceCanBeDeadly – We’ve launched our new campaign! 01/23/2015

    “Driving high is not a big deal.” What are you saying if you don’t say anything? Partnership for a Drug-Free Canada launches a national awareness campaign to help fight drug-impaired driving Toronto, January 22, 2015 – The Partnership for a Drug-Free Canada (PDFC) has just launched new multi-platform national awareness campaign targeting drug-impaired driving. The […]

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