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Our Summer Newsletter 2015


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PDFC’s New Campaign 

Our most recent PSA campaign, #SecureYourMeds, raises the public’s awareness of prescription drug misuse by kids and engages parents to take action and keep their medications in the right hands!  



Did you know? 


Your medicine cabinet is so easy for your kids to access, it might as well be out in public.

  • 42% of households contain medications that can be abused
  • Only 8% of households keep medications in a secure place

#SecureYourMeds – Watch our TV Spot!

The PDFC’s Drug Take Back Campaigns are becoming increasingly effective!

Prescription drugs returned:

  • in 2013 – 191 tons
  • in 2014 – 390 tons

That represents an increase of 204%


This year, it’s easier than ever to keep your old prescriptions off the streets!

The PDFC welcomes more participating pharmacies nationwide:

Shoppers logo           Pharmaprix logo


We’re helping you keep your kids safe!


 NEW TO THE PDFC –  Our Advisory Council 

We’re very pleased to announce the creation of an Advisory Council, a group of talented and committed subject matter experts who are closely involved in the fields of youth substance abuse, addiction and drug prevention.

PDFC will have access to their combined expertise to ensure that our website content will be up to date with the latest scientific and evidence based information available.

For a full list of Advisory Council Members, please go to our Advisory Council page.

Please contact us at info@canadadrugfree.org for more information.


Coming soon to PDFC – We’re going Mobile!





Thanks to the developers at Banfield Agency, you’ll soon be able to access all the information you need about drug prevention at canadadrugfree.org on your mobile device!


The Media and the PDFC Message!

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Substance abuse costs Canadians  $39.8 Billion every year… That’s $1267 per person. (CCSA 2006)

Raising awareness of youth drug issues and preventing youth drug abuse and addiction is not easy or “sexy”, but it’s vitally important.  That’s why we are so grateful to our Media Supporters for their part in sharing our drug prevention messages!

The Creative Agencies, Radio and Television Broadcasters, Newspapers and Billboards have been behind over $61Million worth of PSA campaigns representing 4.1 BILLION media impressions!


  • 51% recall of our PSAs
  • 1 in 4 Canadians know about the PDFC
  • 55,000 FEWER teens are engaging in prescription drug misuse

This represents a potential savings to society of close to $1.6 billion!


THANK YOU to all our media supporters!



Sharing your personal story can help inspire others to take action and prevent drug abuse in their families.  The PDFC Parent Project gives young people and their families an opportunity to share their experiences with drug abuse, addiction and recovery.

Feel free to contact us at: info@canadadrugfree.org