If you know that your child is using drugs – act immediately. You could save their life.

"The biggest thing is not recognizing the problem when it's staring you on the face." Anonymous


No parent wants to believe their kid would use drugs after you "raised them so well".  For all our good intentions, what may have started out as experimental drug use by a teenager, could become substance use or addiction and you might not catch it till something goes terribly wrong.

Here are some suggestions of what to do when the unthinkable happens.


Your child is lying unconscious and is non-responsive. Call 911 immediately!



You suspect that your child has been using drugs.

You may have already had the "drug talk" with your teens, but somehow you feel that your teen might not have listened or has not paid attention.

Let's face it, some teenagers can be quite difficult to talk to and rather dismissive when you do. If you feel that your message has not gotten across, and that just maybe your pre-teen or teen has already begun to experiment with drugs - it's time to re-engage in conversation with your child.

What to look for Checklist

Tips for Talking with your Child 


You know your child is using drugs

Your child has somehow made it obvious that they have a substance use problem.

As their parent, you are in the best position to get the help your child needs.