Giving Tuesday – December 1, 2020

It’s Giving Tuesday and to mark this day, we’re giving back to parents!

The COVID-19 pandemic continues and it's a challenging time for most of us. We've curated some important information from the Drug Free Kids Canada pages.

We hope you find it helpful.

Dr. Abby Goldstein shares her valuable knowledge about kids' mental health and substance use, as well as how parents can recognize risk factors and develop protective factors in their kids.

As we get used to living in these challenging times, it's more important than ever for parents to support their children's mental wellness and encourage them to use healthy coping methods.

Here are 10 tips to help you and your kids thrive through the coming months.

  • Acknowledge and have compassion for your children’s frustrations, disappointments, boredom, anxiety, loneliness, and stress during this time.
  • Keep the lines of communication open, but respect their need for alone time and privacy.
  • Maintain some sort of structure and daily schedule.
  • Eat meals with your children as frequently as possible – this allows you to monitor your child’s mental and physical state, but also share experiences, stories, concerns, and laughs.
  • Keep meals and other family activities as phone and distraction-free as possible.
  • Take an interest in your children’s interests and take their concerns seriously.
  • Be hopeful. Go over mask-wearing, physical distancing, and other safety recommendations from trusted medical professionals. Explain that you will get through this together if you all follow the rules.
  • Focus on family fun time. Here are a few suggestions for positive and healthy ways to help your family alleviate stressful feelings.
  • Have age-appropriate conversations.  Get a variety of scenarios and scripts for every age group here: Substance use prevention tips for all ages 
  • Try to model a healthy approach to your own substance use during this pandemic and talk with your kids about the negative effects of excessive substance use on physical and mental health. Read the blog here.

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