Dr. John Sader


Expertise: Family medicine
Family Practitioner specializing in substance use disorders and dependency.

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Deputy Chief Tim Farquharson


Expertise: Law Enforcement
Deputy Chief of Police, Peterborough Police Service, Drug Advisory Committee, Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP),  Substance Advisory Committee,  Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police, (OACP)

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Dr. Claude Cyr, MD


Expertise: Pain Management and Mental Health

Family Practitioner and founder of Doctors for Responsible Access

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Dr. Richard Bélanger, MD FRCPC


Expertise: Adolescent and young adult health

Pediatrician specializing in Adolescence, Clinical Researcher – Centre mère-enfant Soleil CHU Québec – Université Laval

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David Hammond, PhD


Expertise: Global Health, Drug Policy and Harm Reduction

Professor, CIHR-PHAC Chair in Applied Public Health, University of Waterloo

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Anne Elizabeth Lapointe


Expertise: Addiction and Prevention 

Executive Director, Addiction Prevention Centre (APC) and Maison Jean Lapointe

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Dr. Philip Tibbo


Expertise: Psychiatrist, Psychotic Disorders

Professor, Researcher, Dalhousie University, Director of the Nova Scotia Early Psychosis Program (NSEPP)

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Dr. Steven Laviolette


Expertise: Neuroscientist 
Researchs Neurobiology of addiction, schizophrenia, autism and PTSD. Assoc. Professor University of Western Ontario

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Dr. Chris Montoya, B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D.


Expertise: Physiological Psychology, Cognitive Neuropsychology
Psychologist with a private practice, Academic and Senior Lecturer at Thompson Rivers University

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Dr. Tony P. George M.D., FRCPC


Expertise: Pharmacology of drugs of abuse, co-morbid substance abuse and serious mental illness.
Chief of Addictions, CAMH
Professor of Psychiatry, University of Toronto



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